When to See a Vein Doctor

If you have abnormal veins, you may wonder what you can do to deal with the symptoms of condition. Fortunately, effective treatments are available to address the symptoms of both spider veins and varicose veins. The best way to learn about these treatments and improve your condition is to visit a qualified vein doctor.

What is a Vein Doctor?

A vein doctor is a medical professional who has been trained to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the veins. A vein doctor can evaluate your abnormal veins, ask questions about your medical history and provide you with an accurate diagnosis. Your vein doctor will also be able to explain all of your treatment options and help you determine the best course of action.

What Can a Vein Doctor Do for Me?

Depending on your condition, a vein doctor may be able to administer a number of different treatments designed to improve and/or eliminate your symptoms. Some of the treatment options available to you may include:

  • VeinGogh. – The VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System treats spider veins with thermocoagulation. Using a thin, insulated probe, the surgeon delivers concentrated thermal energy to the vein, causing the blood to coagulate. This procedure is sometimes used in conjunction with sclerotherapy.
  • Sclerotherapy. – Sclerotherapy is an option that may be utilized for spider veins, as well as for smaller varicose veins. This procedure works by introducing a sclerosing solution into the abnormal vein. This solution irritates the walls of the vein, causing them to swell and stick together. Over time, the vein will fade from view.
  • Venefit Closure. – Venefit, which is also known as “VNUS closure,” utilizes radiofrequency energy to treat varicose veins. This procedure is usually performed under ultrasound guidance to ensure accuracy.
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy. – If you have veins that are close to the surface of the skin, your doctor may recommend ambulatory phlebectomy. This procedure works by removing the diseased vein from your body entirely. During the procedure, the surgeon will administer a local anesthetic. He or she will then make small incisions in the skin near your abnormal vein and remove it from the body in pieces using small surgical hooks.

Making an Appointment

If you are interested in learning more about the spider vein and varicose vein treatments available from a qualified vein doctor, call Bridgeport Vein Center today to schedule an appointment.