VeinGogh and Spider Vein Treatment

What do you do with those spider veins that are too small to warrant a drastic medical procedure, but ugly enough to ruin your beach legs? A trip to the vein doctor will provide a simple answer to your spider vein problem. VeinGogh offers an easy and practical spider vein treatment that will get rid of those disfiguring webs that are too small even for microsclerotherapy. Before heading to the vein clinic, learn more about spider veins and this revolutionary spider vein treatment option.

What are Spider Veins and Spider vein Treatment?

Spider veins are tiny, engorged veins close the skin surface. The medical term for this harmless, yet unattractive, condition is telangiectasia. The problem veins can appear anywhere on the body, but are more common on the legs and face.

Spider veins on the legs can sometimes indicate a more serious circulatory problem such as venous reflux, or hidden varicose veins. Venous reflux occurs when the valves in medium-sized veins fail to close properly. This leads to a back up of blood that causes the vein to become engorged. The pressure from a swollen vein due to excess blood puts pressure on the tiny blood vessels near the skin’s surface and they swell, as well. That is what you are seeing when you look at the web-like red, purple and blue structures marring your legs.

What is VeinGogh?

VeinGogh, or Ohmic thermolysis, is one of two available spider vein treatments. During this procedure, the vascular surgeons use a pen-like stylus to deliver a burst of energy to the spider veins. The stylus contains a small needle that inserts just under the skin but above the web of diseased veins. The microburst of energy causes the walls of the web to collapse and it disappears over time. The body will reroute the blood flow to healthier veins after the collapse.

The VeinGogh treatment is virtually painless. The procedure is done right in the clinic and takes less than a half hour to complete. There may be some redness around the injection site for a few hours after this spider vein treatment, but it will disappear. You can apply lotion to the area to manage the dryness that often accompanies the VeinGoph treatment.

After leaving the clinic, you resume your normal activities. The effects of the Ohmic thermolysis will be immediate. You will see less of the spider veins right away, but it may take time for them to fade from view. Within a couple weeks, the spider vein bundle should disappear completely.

VeinGogh is sometimes done in conjunction with more conventional microsclerotherapy to remove a number of spider veins from your body.  Both treatments are safe and relatively painless. Before you know it, your legs will look years younger with flawless skin unblemished by the web veins that aged them.

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