Dangers of Prolonging or Avoiding Varicose Vein Treatment

Many people believe that varicose vein treatment can be delayed. After all, varicose veins only cause minor itching, aching or swelling of the legs and don’t really cause major health problems. Unfortunately, that isn’t true.

Varicose veins, if left untreated, can cause a number of health problems. These health problems range from minor problems, such as a change in the pigmentation of your skin, to potentially life-threatening problems, such as deep vein thrombosis or ulcers.

Learn about some of the dangers that could happen should you decide to wait to seek treatment for your varicose veins.


Individuals with varicose veins may suffer from hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is considered a minor problem, as it does not have any serious or potentially life-threatening side effects.

Hyperpigmentation occurs when the color of the skin appears discolored or darker in appearance. This happens with varicose veins because the veins cause the skin to swell or become inflamed. When this happens, it can result in discoloration of the skin.

Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT

Varicose veins often happen as a result of poor circulation. People with poor circulation are at a high risk of suffering from deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, which means people who have varicose veins are at risk of developing this potentially life-threatening condition.

Deep vein thrombosis happens when a blood clot forms. Typically these blood clots form in the legs.

While a blood clot is not life-threatening, it can quickly turn serious if left untreated. If deep vein thrombosis is left untreated, the blood clot could travel away from the leg and move to the lungs. When this happens, it causes a pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolisms can be fatal.

Leg Ulcers

Varicose veins don’t cause the actual ulcers to form. A side effect of the varicose veins causes the ulcers to form.

Chronic venous insufficiency, which occurs when blood pools in the legs, can cause ulcers. The ulcers form as a result of the blood just pooling in the legs and weakening the flesh. People who do not seek varicose vein treatment often suffer from chronic venous insufficiency, which results in the development of ulcers.

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