Choosing the Right Doctor and Vein Clinic for Your Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Why Get an Ambulatory Phlebectomy?

An ambulatory phlebectomy is a surgery that removes surface veins, and can work well for people who are suffering from varicose or spider vein problems. Because it is a small surgery there is usually no need for stitches, and the procedure can be performed under general anesthesia at an outpatient clinic. When you choose a vein doctor for your ambulatory phlebectomy or any vein procedure, however, you want to make sure the doctor and the procedure are the right ones for you. Then you can have the highest chance of the best possible outcome for your situation and get back to having healthy veins.

All Vein Doctors are Not the Same

While there are many vascular surgeons who offer the same services, that doesn’t mean they have the same bedside manner, pricing, or experience. It is generally a good idea to seek a second opinion for serious surgical procedures, although you may not want or need to do that for something minimally invasive. Still, you want to feel comfortable with the vein doctor you choose. Consider the years of schooling and experience that doctor has, and the number of reviews you can find online. Look for any disciplinary actions, and ask to see before and after photos of the work that was done for prior patients.

Additionally, remember that vast amounts of experience in helping improve people’s veins may not mean much if most of that involves other procedures. There is nothing wrong with questioning how much experience a vein doctor has with the specific procedure you will be undergoing. The more experience the doctor has performing that procedure, and the larger the number of satisfied patients, the more likely it is that you will also have a good experience with your ambulatory phlebectomy. By talking to your doctor to get the information you need about the procedure, you can determine your level of comfort.

Choose a Quality Vein Treatment Center

The doctor who is performing your procedure is very important, but you also want to make sure the treatment center is one you feel good about. You may spend some time there if you need more than one treatment, and there will be pre-op and post-op care, as well. Choosing a place where you feel comfortable matters, as does selecting a clinic that offers kind people, good treatment, and an answer to your questions. You shouldn’t feel afraid to ask the doctor or the staff for information about the procedure, the clinic, and any potential issues that could arise from your procedure. When it comes to medical treatment, the more knowledge you have the easier it is for you to make the right choice about the care you will receive.