Bridgeport Vein Patient Testimonial

Bridgeport Vein Patient Testimonial

Woman 1: I first started noticing spider veins on my legs during my first pregnancy. At the time I just thought that’s something I was just going to have to live with. It took me about a year to make the phone call that’s when I met Pam Burrows, it’s really actually quite fascinating. I usually sit up and watch and I’m kind of, I’ll hold the light and we’re kind of like this little team. Sometimes it’s a direct hit, so to speak, and it just poof it goes away. It makes me feel great I’m going, “Yes, we got one.”

Woman 2: I feel better about myself and therefore it helps me project a better image. I owe all of that to Debbie. She’s very professional, very forthright and an extremely capable individual. I wouldn’t go to anybody else. I really wouldn’t.

Woman 3: This clinic has been wonderful. I have had cold feet most of my life and I had terrible pains in my calves so I came to Dr. Janoff and Dr. Janoff did help me. After the operation my feet are warm at night. My husband loves that and I don’t have the pain in my calves anymore and I’m very thankful that the clinic is here. The staff here is fantastic. They are very helpful.

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