Bridgeport Vein Center of Portland & Lake Oswego

Dr. Janoff and the Bridgeport Vein Center of Portland & Lake Oswego

Dr. Janoff: I’m Dr. Kenneth Janoff from the Bridgeport Vein Center in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and Portland, Oregon. The Bridgeport Vain Center was started as a free standing center that will treat all the aspects of varicose veins and spider veins. I’m in practice with Dr. Patrick Lehti and we have two nurses here doing the sclerotherapy for the spider veins and small veins, and we have a full staff of people that help with the treatments and with the patient care.

Pam: My primary goal is to make them happy and treat what they want to have treated, and have good outcomes and meet their expectations.

Deb-ee: When you come in for treatment its not just a one and done deal, we have a relationship. I want to know about your family. I want to know what makes you tick. So it’s all about figuring out your lifestyle, what your goals are, and then providing the right treatment for that situation.

Dr. Lehti: Well, I think it’s one of the few places around that really has trained comprehensive care in a lot of the different venus problems that people have, and a lot of the treatments for venus disease have become much more a medical to a non-surgical treatment.

Dr. Janoff: We’re here to treat the full gambit of the vascular disease, both the cosmetics and the symptomatic varicose veins. I think we provide excellent care for patients, and I think the staff we have here is great with patients and can take care of all their needs.

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